Tribeca Film Festival 2016 - "Shit just got REAL!" - Ricky Baker, Hunt for the Wilderpeople

So I just disappeared off the face of the earth to be at the Tribeca Film Festival. #sorrynotsorry

Not only are film festivals a wonderful orgy of movies where you just go see film after film and you take it all in and discuss them with other people who absolutely love cinema, but they're also an artistically interesting combination of films made by people who have been working in the industry for years and are masters of their craft juxtaposed with shorts made by first time filmmakers.

And it's so inspiring and reassuring for someone like me who has incredible impostor syndrome. Maybe I'm not yet good enough for my films to get global distribution, but I could make a film that's good enough to be shown next to one that is.

It's also refreshing to see friends again at these festivals who are every bit as driven as I am. Remember me talking about a month ago about my priorities and the work/life balance? Theirs are the same as mine! Maybe I haven't seen them in months, but that's because they've been working just like I have, and are just as excited to take the time to see me now as I am to see them.

I dunno, man, it's just a fabulously inspiring incubator for people who love films, and love making films. There's so much energy to it, and a feeling like interesting, artistic things are happening. I feel like I'm not explaining it properly. But I also think it's not always possible to fully describe an emotion in words, and all the writer can do is try.

I guess at some point I'll just have to pretentiously ~*ACT IT OUT FOR YOU*~!

For the record, there was one film in particular that showed at the Tribeca Film Festival that is getting a theatrical release in June, and it's so wonderful. It's Little Miss Sunshine levels of funny and touching and feel-good. It's called Hunt for the Wilderpeople from New Zealand by Taika Waititi, and it will make you feel all of the things. You're welcome.