"And thus, the instruments of life become the instruments of death. Farewell!" - Frankenstein, Act II Scene V

Frankenstein closed on Saturday. And now it's done. That's so weird! I've been in rehearsal for it ever since June... how can it be over??

We had a pretty fantastic run, though. You can check out some photos of the show on The Footlight Club's Facebook page! They look pretty great, right? I have to admit, when I first heard what the tech was supposed to look like at the beginning of our process, I was a little skeptical, but it totally worked!

That's actually one of my favorite things about a show going up. Not just an audience getting to see all of your hard work, or getting to perform for that audience in the first place, but having everything come together. At the beginning of a tech week, for just about every tech week I've ever been in, it seems like everything is going wrong, and there's no way the show will be able to open. And by the end of it, thanks to theater magic (which I absolutely believe in), it always works out! It's... well... magical. And I love it.

I do have some big news coming up now that Frankenstein is over, but I'm not quite sure I'm willing to reveal it yet. But stay tuned, because I promise, some major updates are coming! Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited for them.

"Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster" - Parks and Recreation, "Media Blitz" (S3E5)

Oh man, I can't believe it's been over a week since I last updated. My bad!

In my own defense, though, I've been binge watching Parks and Recreation, and oh man is it going to clean up at the Emmy's next year for it's final season. It's fantastic.

There are two things that make Parks and Rec so fantastic, and they are 1) the deadpan, snarky, satirical things it has to say about our government, the bureaucracy it relies on, and the attitude of the people who are supposed to govern us, and 2) how it has this incredible amount of, as my mother would call it, "heart".

The heart is my favorite.

Don't get me wrong, comedy that has a point of view is an extraordinarily powerful thing. It can build great ideas up, and it can tear them down just as easily. Look at how absurd Mel Brooks makes Nazis look in The Producers! And believe you me, I would follow Jon Stewart to the ends of the Earth if he asked. And Parks and Rec makes some excellent points about the kind of people working in our government today, and how much better things could be with more Leslie Knopes in the world.

But oh my god it's also so cute. I'm only halfway through, and I already love almost every single character on that show. The show just lets them live. They all have strengths that they show off and weaknesses that hold them back, and they are not defined by either one. Their strengths don't make them obnoxious, and their weaknesses don't make them pathetic. They make them vulnerable, which is a quality to which, especially when shown willingly, we as people find ourselves incredibly attracted.

(The only exception might be Jerry, I think. He's just constantly so put down upon, and man, I keep wanting him to do something about it, and he never does. If they don't let him have some kind of comeuppance soon, I'm... well, I'm not going to do anything. But it'll make me sad.)

Anyway. I'm only halfway through the show as it is presented to me on Netflix right now, so I can give a much more in depth analysis later, when I actually catch up. But for right now, you guys... it's so good. If you haven't seen it yet, you should get on that! Just in time for it's final season, too! Willingly tear your heart out of your chest that it's ending - it'll be great!

As for other things happening - it's the final weekend of Frankenstein at The Footlight Club! If you haven't come to see it yet, you totally should. Links to buy tickets are on my "Upcoming Events" page! AND if you buy your tickets online and say that you're coming to see me, you can help me win a contest among the cast over who can get the most ticket sales! It's a win-win! You get to see an awesome show, and I could get a small prize. I think it's a good trade off.

Also, I had another photoshoot with Chris Cavalier the other day! It was a really interesting concept - he took photos of me in my home, surrounded by my own stuff, to get a different kind of casual in the pictures. But I'll talk about that a bit more when I have the images themselves to show off!

Finally, it's Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year. So, l'shanah tova, everybody! Happy new year! I hope 5775 is a year filled with happiness, contentment, sweetness, and love.

"The internet is really, really great!" - Avenue Q

I got internet in my home yesterday! It's very exciting being able to do things now without having to go all the way out to the Waltham Public Library to use the Wi-Fi.

(Don't get me wrong, the Waltham Public Library is lovely. But now I get to do all of my business-of-being-an-actor work in my pajamas!)

But that was just the beginning of my week. What's more important than that is the fact that FRANKENSTEIN OPENED LAST FRIDAY!! I think it went pretty well. I might be biased. But I think it was pretty fantastic. We had two great audiences, too, so now I'm hoping it'll get even bigger and better!

If you haven't bought your tickets yet to see it, then here's the handy-dandy link! Not only should you get your tickets online, but when you do, you should write down that you're coming to see me! (There may or may not be a little competition among the cast to see who can bring in the most online ticket sales.) (There totally is such a competition.)

Secondly, I got the photos from a Cleopatra-inspired photo shoot I did with photographer Chris Cavalier! They all look pretty good. I'm going to post the full album on my Facebook page, but for right now there are a few of my favorites that I just can't resist sharing here...

Right?? As much as I enjoy fashion and makeup photo shoots, artistic shoots can be tons of fun, too. And I can't wait to share the rest of the photos, too!

"The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." - Bill Gates

As much as I'm an adult professional, it still feels weird to have one of these of my own.


But it's also exciting, having this brand new marketing tool! I have a whole new way to show you guys what I'm up to!

Speaking of which...

Frankenstein opens tomorrow! I'm so excited to have an audience see this show. It's been a long rehearsal process, but we're finally at the performance (tomorrow) and it's awesome that it's actually happening!

In other news, I'll probably also be starting a vlog soon! I've been meaning to for a while so I can practice being on camera, I just haven't had internet installed in my new house yet. But soon! It'll happen!

But mostly, I just have a website now. Oh man. I feel like such a grown up!