Social Media for Actors - "Sorry! It's at the cleaners, along with my Prada hoodie and my f*** you flip flops!" - The Social Network

Does the quote totally fit? No. Do I care? No. Is that because I think, as it's from The Social Network, it's close enough to fitting? Exactly.

Today I want to talk about social media and the extent to which actors are "supposed" to use it.

On one hand, pretty much every actor I've ever admired says that we all need to get off of the internet and just do things! That they don't have time for things like Facebook and Twitter, they're too busy doing things in real life. And that's pretty simple and straightforward. Great.

On the other hand, every expert and coach whose articles I've read in Backstage or anywhere else has said that actors absolutely have to have and actively update a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera, otherwise Industry Professionals will never discover us. Which is... also pretty simple and straightforward.

And neither of those viewpoints has any room to incorporate the other.

So you see the dilemma here.

Personally, I like social media. Maybe it's because I'm a pretty huge gossip. I try not to spread negative rumors, but I always want to know everything. And social media makes it so much easier to see what's going on in the lives of my friends. Plus, it's good for a 30 second break in between tasks. Go to Facebook real quick, see what new statuses people have posted in the last couple of hours, then move on to the next thing. I take pleasure from it.

But the ugly side of social media is how it can try to claim literally all of your free time. I will fully admit, for instance, that I kinda hate Facebook Messenger. Like, I will use it to message people when I don't necessarily have their phone number, or they're in another country, or something like that. It's useful. But I also have nearly 20 unread messages waiting for me in my inbox there. I'm sure I'll respond to them eventually. But that takes so much time, and there's an immediacy to it that I really dislike. Maybe it's just me? But I always feel like, unless they're offline when I send the message, I have to stay online and have a full blown conversation with them. And I don't have the time for that. I'm only on Facebook for 30 seconds in between tasks, after all.

I think you can also see how I'm not that great with professional style social media with how I update this blog. It's supposed to be every Thursday. But the keen observer will notice that I missed last week. And that today is Friday. I'm supposed to grow my readership by being consistent. But I was busy in meetings all day yesterday! What's a girl supposed to do?

I'm sure there's some happy medium to be found between always being on social media and never bothering with it. After all, it looks like this internet thing is here to stay, so it clearly has to be more about rolling with the punches and incorporating it well instead of trying to be above it, or pretending it doesn't exist or matter.

Sorry, guys. There isn't really a final point I'm trying to make with this post, or thesis I'm trying to prove. It's not as simple as "rape is bad" was for my last post.

How rare is it that someone writes "sorry it's not about rape"? I mean, it's good that it's rare. But still. Weird, man.

Seriously though, I live and function best within rules and boundaries. They can be rules and boundaries that I set for myself. But scheduling and guidelines are some of my best friends. If you have any good ones for using social media, I'd really love to hear them.

Oh man. I wrote that and thought about it and now my next post may be another musing, but on the value of rules, schedules, and guidelines. Am I a grown up yet? Am I boring yet?