Live from New York, it's Saturday Night Weekend Update! - "You thought I was gone, didn't you?" - Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, SNL 2008

D'ya think Lorne Michaels is gonna sue me for using his thing? I mean, I don't think he would. It's such a famous phrase that once I thought of it, I couldn't think of anything else. And it does technically describe what I'm doing, so I'm technically in the right. Right?

You're all getting a rare Saturday update because I've been getting so much footage in from so many interesting, beautiful, and emotionally spot-on short films I've done that I just couldn't wait to share it!

First and foremost is the short I made inspired by the Studio 360 It's a Wonderful Short contest: "The Subscription". It's sweet, funny, and intense, all while being 30 seconds long! Anyone who knows me and how much of a not-so-secret romantic I am can absolutely believe I made this movie.

Written and Directed by Emma Lieberman Director of Photography: Thaddeus Bouska Production Sound Mixer: Julian Seltzer CAST Becca - Emma Lieberman Rachel - Amanda Jane Stern Thomas - Jesse Boone

Secondly is a film called "Arranged". My Jewish identity is very important to me, but this film is an exploration into how far I would let that take me. I'm also not wearing any makeup at all in it, which I'm pretty sure basically makes me Scarlett Johansson. I'm fairly certain that's how that works.

And finally, I present to you "Trapped"! I genuinely wasn't sure whether to call this a drama or a comedy, and that makes it one of my favorite kinds of films.

Right? They're pretty intense.

I was also in a sketch show with The Mailroom NYC at The PIT earlier this month! There isn't video of that (yet) though, so I don't have fancy proof. You'll just have to trust me that it happened and was hilarious. But don't worry. I'm pretty trustworthy.

Next up as of now is another screenplay I'm working on! Still untitled (god, titling things is the worst) about a couple of young lawyers having to work together towards what they both know is an impossible goal. Looking to shoot towards the beginning of 2016, so be sure to look out for that soon!