Reflecting on my Actor's Journey - "Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me? WHEN WILL MY REFLECTION SHOW..." - Mulan, or college kids belting Disney songs

Oops I haven't really updated in about two weeks.

My bad.

It's been a crazy busy time, though, let me tell you. (You do kind of have to let me tell you if you're reading this blog.) And there's been a lot of stuff that has happened that I promise I'm going to write about! Stuff like how I saw The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway with Elizabeth Moss! And how I also saw all of the live action Oscar nominated short films! And how I began a new day job! And how I was in a music video on Saturday, and what it's like to have a role as anything from a background actor to a lead actor! And all kinds of other things that you'll hear about from me in the near future.

But in the meantime, right now, I want to talk about the importance of reflection, especially on an acting career.

...Even if I don't have a ton of time to do it when my computer has 13% battery and I don't have my charger at work.

The thing is, I noticed a change in me, even over just two weeks of not blogging about my ~journey~.

Reflection is the way we take stock of where we are as people, where we'd like to go, what steps we're taking to get there, and how we're doing. And that's true and important for any person in any career ever, not just acting. It is particularly useful as an actor, because by reflecting on the roles that we've booked, the auditions that we've had, and the patterns we see in them, we can see what our type is, how well casting directors like us, and what our technique is doing for us.

It doesn't necessarily have to be done in blog form, even though I tend to like it for myself. It can be done through meditation, keeping a journal, the creation of art, exercise, or yoga, or something. Which probably has something to do with actors constantly being associated with a heavy interest in what most of the rest of the world calls "New Age-y crap."

But when I'm not reflecting on myself and my life, I find that things slip away from me more easily. Time passes without my realizing how quickly it's going by. I forget to do basic tasks that should be the most obvious things to do as an actor - sometimes that even includes submitting myself for roles in films or shows! And it almost always leads to a decline in how quickly I respond to messages. Case in point: On my personal Facebook, I have no fewer than 15 unread messages currently in my inbox. (Before I sound too unprofessional, I just want to say that most of those are from friends, not about films or parts or anything!) (Also, if you're one of those people who sent me a message on Facebook literally weeks ago, I'm sorry!! I'll get to it soon, I promise!)

It feels counter-intuitive when I say it. That, in order to be more productive, I have to take time out of my schedule to think about my journey and where I am in my career. I certainly always feel self-conscious when I think about it in as many words. I never wanted to be one of those actors who constantly talks about their spirituality; even if it is something I believe in, no one wants to hear about my spirit in everyday conversation. Not to mention that it's pretty pretentious. And besides, saying that I'm going to take time out of my very busy schedule to think about my very busy schedule just feels dumb, and like a terrible use of my time.

But, of course, that's dumb. As I've just spent the majority of this blog post explaining.

So I suppose that the point I'm going for here is that, no matter how ridiculous it feels, reflection needs to be a higher priority. For me, as well as all of the rest of us.

Or, phrased differently... I'll update more reliably! Really! I promise!

...7% battery. Damn.