"You can take our official Twitter, but you'll never take our free time!" - Alt. US National Park Service on Twitter

So, uh, it's been a week.

We have a new president. And already shit has hit the fan, I've been to multiple protests, and the park rangers are going rogue??? Like, it's all terrible and incredible at the same time. My Facebook news feed has never been so full of politics, even during the presidential campaign.

And I'm not really sure how to move on from here. Because it feels somehow wrong to focus on anything that isn't political.

Like, intellectually, I get that it's all about balance. I can follow my acting dreams AND be effective politically - it only takes a few letters or phone calls to my senators and representatives, going to protests for an hour or two when necessary, and then I've covered all of my bases and can get back to editing my new short or planning how to put on a production of my favorite play.

But, for instance, as soon as the ACA is repealed, I'm going to lose my healthcare. And it feels wrong to be working towards a goal that doesn't involve me getting another kind of health insurance. How can I be creating stories when the NEA and Corporation for Public Broadcasting are being axed? Do I have the right to any of my Jewish heritage if I'm not constantly working to allow refugees in again from places like Syria? We say things like "never again" but we're also letting almost the exact same thing happen again there.

I guess I could argue that the most effective thing I could do is focus on my work, and if I ever get well known for it, use that status and platform to speak out. Right now I'm just another face in the crowd, but everyone knows it when celebrities join marches and movements. I'm not in acting for the celebrity, but I also wouldn't exactly be the first actor to put their opinion out there.

Somehow it feels a little hollow, though. And I'm not really sure how to get back to normal or if, honestly, I ever will. (Or, less melodramatically, if I will at all during this administration.)