Gratitude and Moodiness - "I am a MEDIUM person! I should get to go to a medium place!" - The Good Place

So I know it's Thanksgiving weekend, but it's been occurring to me how difficult it can be to practice gratitude. Primarily because I've spent a fair amount of the past few days being kinda jealous.

I've been surrounded by people who care a whole lot for each other while some of my closest friends went away or stayed on the east coast for the holiday. I know a few people who have traveled to London, while I've started to get the bug to go back there. I miss New York. My current day job isn't paying me the kind of money I'd need to get all the things I'd like to get and do all the things I'd like to do. You know, basic stuff.

I think the point isn't to try to fight it, though. This feeling, however unfortunate, is part of the human experience. It sucks that it's happening now, at the beginning of the holiday season, but it just is what it is. And by accepting it, I can also appreciate the things I do have. I had a wonderful Friendsgiving last night, I have my health and my beautiful house, I have some money in my savings account, even if it's not as much as I'd like, and overall, I'm generally more happy than not. Even if I have a computer keyboard with a sticky "c" button, or I'm missing New York and the people in it.

Maybe it's not a coincidence (god, that was a terrible word to write with my "c" key) that all of this is happening as I'm bingeing The Good Place. It's the appreciation for the balance between the good and the bad. Everything is a gray area, and nobody is perfect.

Or maybe it's just that I'm moody in my first holiday season away from home. Or it's because I had nightmares that kept waking me up all night last night. I don't know! The human experience. Isn't it exciting.

Regardless, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones and good food, and I hope you have something special ahead of you as we move into the winter holidays. No matter how I feel today, I'm still psyched for them.