Golden Globes 2015 Wrap Up - "I can't believe I f@!%ing won," Kevin Spacey, The 72nd Annual Golden Globes

Firstly, some website housekeeping stuff: I updated my Actress Page! You should wander over there, especially if you want to see some of the things I've been in most recently! It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

As for the Golden Globes...

Gosh, I didn't do so well for myself last night, huh? I only went 10/25! Although, in all fairness, we did get to see our favorite stars at varying levels of drunk while beautiful, Kevin Spacey finally got a Golden Globe, and Benedict Cumberbatch photobombed Meryl Streep and Margaret Cho, so I'm pretty sure, to a certain extent, we all did well enough for ourselves last night.

Besides, in my own defense, some of those that I missed were real surprises to everybody! And even Variety agrees with me on at least a few of them, so I figure I'm not doing too badly.

My original idea here was to write a breakdown, award by award, of why they won and what I think, but then it occurred to me that there is literally not enough time in the world for me to say everything I think and feel about movies and television. Even just these few movies and TV shows.

Besides, I'm listening to the (Golden Globe winning!) The Theory of Everything soundtrack as I'm writing this, and it's mildly breaking my heart and stomping all over it. In the best way possible, of course! But my soul is also crying with how beautiful it is.

That being said, it was certainly a big night for Amazon, huh? Winning their first ever Golden Globe gives them a Netflix-style legitimacy that they just haven't had before with their original series. Obviously, Transparent deserves it, but it's not something the overall corporation has had. And if this level of quality holds for Amazon as well as Netflix, it bodes well for other web-produced studio content. (Like, for instance, season 6 of Community as produced via Yahoo!) It also shows a clear shift towards studio/corporate level productions for the web, meaning that they are finally following where the consumers have long gone... although what that means for television overall, I still can't say I'm sure.

Also, what a surprise that The Grand Budapest Hotel beat out Birdman for Best Comedy! I still don't think Birdman exactly qualifies as a comedy - I still consider that it was just put there so it could have the chance to win an award of its own, since nothing ever had a shot of beating Boyhood for Best Drama - but that it was beaten there, too! I don't think it'll be repeated come the Oscars, as the Oscars just has Best Picture overall, but it was, for me, the biggest surprise of the night!

I'm starting to write the epic length novel I really didn't mean to do about all of this, so I guess I'm just going to have to cut myself off and stop here with my awards discussion before I really do write a breakdown of every single film and TV show and how it did!

Until the Oscars come around, of course! Then we get to do this all over again.