Apartment Hunting in New York - "Oh, you guys, look! Ugly Naked Guy is putting stuff in boxes!" "Ironically, most of them are labled 'clothes'." - Friends

New York is my favorite city. But looking for an apartment here is terrible.

The bright side of the biggest city in the world is that there are always people moving, so there are tons of places available. The dark side of the biggest city in the world is that there are always people moving, so there's tons of competition for the best places.

I'm lucky that I have a day job that pays me well enough that I can be in a nice, safe neighborhood. (I mean, I also have to be for all the times I come home from work at 1am or later.) But I can get a place that's furnished and safe, so I don't have to worry about that. But then it becomes about priorities. How much am I willing to spend on an apartment? What if it doesn't have everything that I want in a place? I know I'll never find the perfect apartment, but I don't want to live in a place that I'll hate for the next six/seven months.

And then what about my roommates? I've had good experiences moving in with people I don't know, but I've also had some really terrible ones. What if I move in with someone who isn't clean? It's New York City, after all, and we're low key infamous for bugs, rats, and roaches. I am absolutely not having that in my living space.

Finally, it becomes how much am I willing to spend on a living space versus how much I want to spend on being an actress. The fact is that every dollar I put into rent is a dollar I can't put towards casting classes with CDs, agents, or managers. I can't spend it on headshots, my website, or producing films. I can't save it for my move to LA.

But isn't the place where I live worth it?