"It's midnight! Somebody kiss me!" - Friends, The One with the Monkey (S1E10)

Happy New Year, everybody!

Well, it's just past New Year's, meaning that we are all overrun with friends who are claiming that it is a "new year, new me!"

And man, if you're one of those people, you go for it! I so sincerely, genuinely mean that. If your new resolution is to work out more or something along those lines, then I really believe that you can do it!

In my own personal experience, however, those kinds of things do not work out for me.

I didn't want to just not make any New Year's resolutions, though. After all, the new year is a globally recognized period of personal change. It may be difficult to change major things about your lifestyle, but that doesn't mean that it's not worth trying to fix some things that could've been better in the year before! So I wrote some things down and stuck them to my bedroom door. (Hee, that rhymed by accident.)

A study of Harvard MBA graduates showed that only 3% of them had clear goals that they had written down. But that 3% earned ten times as much as the rest of their class, combined!

Now, by having written down my resolutions, I'm not saying that I expect to make money along the same lines as the best Harvard MBA graduates. I am an actor, after all - I expect to be living pretty modestly for just about all of my life. But I do think that it'll make these reasonable goals easier to achieve, I'll achieve more by having done it, and I'll be that much more advanced in so much of my life!

Also, I know I'll remember to not get a girl pregnant. Certainly can't forget that one.