"Well, it's business drunk, it's like rich drunk. Either way, it's legal to drive." - 30 Rock, Succession (S2E13)

The other day, I went to the #BackstageMeetUp - an actors' holiday party/networking event. And I had a ton of fun there, not to mention the fact that I met tons of interesting people!

And it occurred to me how weird networking is.

I mean, there's the fact that I was told as a kid and over the course of my college career how important networking would be to me in my field... in fact, how important it would be to anyone in any field. I had always thought of networking as a Big Deal kind of thing that Grown Ups did for their Careers.

And now I'm doing it, and it's not only easy but fun and it doesn't feel like Networking. It just feels like meeting people and having a drink and chatting about everything from the business of being an actor to feminism and how misogyny is ingrained in our society in the most surprising ways.

Maybe this is just one of the things that comes with growing older and being an adult. That networking feels so natural and chill. And that's strange, because I usually reject anything that feels like being an adult out of hand due to my fear of aging.

But until I figure that out, I'm just glad that something that had always been built up to me as a Big Deal that I Need to Make Sure I Do is actually easy and fun. It probably helps that there's also almost always at least one free drink at these events to get the ball rolling! It certainly makes life so much easier, with networking being one less thing to worry about.

...Also, there are definitely pictures from this event, and you better believe that I'll be posting them soon. As soon as I find out where on the internet they are!