"He has a rather delicate mind, if you follow..." - Margaret Draper, Revolutionary Characters LIVE!

So this isn't about acting, modeling, or the entertainment industry exactly today, I suppose.

Today I'm going to talk about my day job, and how much I've enjoyed it.

I work for The Bostonian Society, at the Old State House in Massachusetts, as a Revolutionary Character for the Revolutionary Characters LIVE! program.

What that means is that I get all up in the colonial outfit and tell people about what it's like living in 1765.

And you know, I have really enjoyed this day job. I get to work with smart people, talk about history, and be around some genuinely interesting things! If the name "The Bostonian Society" sounds familiar to you, it's probably because you've heard of us and the time capsule that was found in our lion's head on the news! You can read all about that on the Facebook page, if you want.

But, alas, like all good things, this day job had to come to an end. And the RCL! program ends tomorrow, on Columbus Day.

I know I will move on to other things and I will have other jobs that I will love and, to put it in the cheesiest possible way, this isn't just an ending, it's a new beginning! But I wanted to take this moment to appreciate this time when I have had an actor's survival job that I enjoyed with co-workers I like in a place that I care about. It's not necessarily that it's so rare that a combination like that happens, so much as it's just something that is worth appreciating when it does.

And hey, if you're interested and want to learn more about Margaret Draper, she/I was featured in last month's issue of the Bostonian Society's newsletter - The Exchange! You can also look her up! She's a real person, after all. (Although you'll have better luck researching her if you use her full name - Margaret Green Draper.) Or, of course, you can just ask me, and I will tell you more than you ever thought you would know about Margaret Draper and colonial Bostonian history. It would genuinely be my pleasure.