Smart, natural, and easy to work with, Emma Lieberman has played roles from Shakespeare to sketch comedy. She was recently seen in the mockumentary short "Confessions of a Teenage Cannibal" which played at the On Vous Ment International Mockumentary Film Festival in Lyon, France. Coming up, her own short, "Lesbihonest," which she wrote and produced in addition to starring in, will be playing at the Roselle Park Short Film Festival in September! She has also played theatrical parts like Perdita and Bianca in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale and Othello, respectively, as well as Elizabeth Lavenza in Frankenstein, giving her a good grounding in her signature modern, intelligent ingenue type.

Emma received her Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University cum laude, having double majored in Theater Arts and Creative Writing. She has also attended Queen Mary, University of London, which has the #1 ranked school in the UK for drama by the National Research Exercise. Before that, she practiced writing and performing stand up comedy from a young age through high school at the Kids 'n Comedy workshop in New York. Most of her post-collegiate studies have been at The Barrow Group under the tutelage of Seth Barrish and Lee Brock.

Despite Emma's background in theater, she has been working primarily in film and voiceover. She has been in short films that have premiered at film festivals across the tristate area, and played internationally. She also writes and produces her own work, including "The Subscription" and "The Slightly Awkward First Date of John and Joanna" in addition to "Lesbihonest". When she can, however, she likes to return to her theater roots. From established plays like Seminar (Kate), Almost, Maine (Marvalyn), and Measure for Measure (Lucia) to new works like Magic? and A Kreutzer Sonata, she believes strongly in the power of the theater.

A rabid travel lover, Emma has experience with all kinds of cultures of the world, and loves to see and try new things. She studied for a term in England, at Queen Mary, University of London, and while she was there she also took a tour of several European countries. From Greece to Canada, from Israel to Peru, Emma has traveled extensively, and has become somewhat of an expert at moving around and trying everything new that she can.

Emma is currently exploring opportunities in Los Angeles, but will be back in New York in October to play Vorla in the Off Broadway showcase of Taking Wing: Legends of Emimencia at The Duke Theatre in Times Square!

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Comedy - Confessions of a Teenage Cannibal

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Comedy - Confessions of a Teenage Cannibal

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